10 thoughts on “Poem

    • Consider this- One week has been removed since having gone to lunch with a new friend. Your new friend mentions how they wish they had ordered the same salad with the steak on top that you had. Do you interjected to remind them that it was chicken not steak. Your new friend replies back that it wasn’t chicken. It was steak. The conversation turns into an odd debate and eventually your new acquaintance jokingly tells you that you’re trying to gaslight them. When in fact it’s the other way around and their truth is a complete untruth. And in my opinion, the people who are willingly doing this by design are the problem.

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  1. Oh man do I ever identify with this!! Seriously, have the same sorts of ‘conversations’ and happenings far too frequently. I wonder what’s becoming of the world? I already know the answer to that too.


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