Poem #Pros

Just got hung up on.
The man,
who hung up on me,
is hoping that I hire his
marketing firm.

He didn’t even bother to say hello.
Just accepted the call,
and waited for his opportunity to end it.

If he had said hello, he would have realized
it was the person he’s been waiting to hear from.

I’m from away. But, I live here now.
Funny how locals can be brutal to
what they don’t know without knowing
what they’ve just done.

I could decide not to need his services.
Now that I’ve been hung up on.

But I’m not like that.
I’d rather chip through the hardened mud
and help to show that people from away
are just as good as the good locals.

And I’m not changing my number.

-M. Taggart

13 thoughts on “Poem #Pros

  1. Good luck with that. I have no interest in changing other people’s mind or trying to push the boulder up hill myself. I wish you the best with that endeavor! And next time you talk to him, don’t say hello and hang up on him for sh*ts and giggles


      • I like the boulders I want to lift. I like the weights I place for myself to move. I have no desire to drag, push, shove or carry the weights and boulders of another’s closemindedness. And if I have that energy, than I wanna know your secret. I won’t use it for that, but I might be able to use it for something fun… .like going dancing!


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