I can’t write you into emotion and leave.

I went bald while in college.

That’s why I have a hat, I learned how
to wear it in Turners Falls

Tough people there
tough kids with bats

I was told my forehead was too big.
Wore my hat.

Been in a few fights over that.
Sometimes I win.

Bars look funny when you’re on the inside.

It was a girl btw
who told me my forehead was too big

It’s easy to feel ugly.

-M. Taggart

10 thoughts on “Poem

  1. People are just awful. : (

    Kind of reminds me when I pulled back my bangs and the kid next to me comically widened his eyes in shock at my big forehead. Though that was more funny than him being a jerk. He was a good guy.

    It really is easy to feel ugly, but I think the real people who are ugly are the ones who try to make us feel that way. That may not bring solace, but I can resonate a little about how that feels. Humanity disappoints me with how people behave and in such disgraceful ways too.


  2. The easy familiarity of the poem allows the subject matter to be absorbed without conscious effort. Great poem 😃


  3. This reminds me of what someone told me when I was in college, she said ‘If you could tie a scarf to cover half of your forehead, you might just look a little more beautiful. Someone told me later in life that I looked more beautiful with my hair held all back. What both of them said did not matter. What mattered was that I had a forehead( big forehead or no big forehead), I have forehead. I wonder what I would like like without it. 😀

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