MasticadoresUSA #Interview

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“M.- Since when do you write? Was there a specific moment that prompted you to start writing?

5th grade. In tiny hand writing. I still have the story. I begged my teacher to read it. He, Mr. Silverman, told me he needed to use a magnifying glass to read the words.”

Thanks to both Juan Re Crivello, Fundador de Masticadores, and the wonderful author and editor Gabriela Marie Milton.

Have a great day!


19 thoughts on “MasticadoresUSA #Interview

  1. interesting interview – I wouldn’t have known how to answer some of the questions, guess I’d just have to go with instinct and blurt out –


  2. Interesting interview. I love that you had a higher calling in the middle of your interview in the form of grunting 😂 I don’t know how I would have answered some of those questions. I’m not sure I understood some of them, but your answers were clear enough that I thought I understood them. Thank you for sharing!


    • Thank you, I found it interesting to participate. The questions were translated, which made it all the more fascinating for me. It’s a soaker on the East Coast today, hopefully where ever you are is dry! Or not flooding.


      • Ah… we had a soaker last night, also East Coast. Wind, rain, what was apparently sleet in 900% humidity. It was raging out there. I haven’t been outside yet, but the parking lot was flooded when I peeked out the window last night, wich means it was pretty bad. Was thinking of going to the convenience store to grab a few things, took one look outside and thought “well, it’s unfortunately I forgot my arc” and left it at that.


  3. Just FYI, Charlotte, Emily, Anne, and Bramwell Bronte all began their writing careers writing in near microscopic print. So you have something in common with them.


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