#Poem – An Original Bee

I heard an original
and beautiful song today.
There’s a bee in our new shed
swinging around, looking for its life.
I thought about killing it.

I thought about killing it.
Like I thought about my life.

-M. Taggart

(No worries, I’m not suicidal. Just how the words came out
and I prefer to leave them alone once they are here.
I have a lot going on- including my father’s celebration
of life in a few days.)

7 thoughts on “#Poem – An Original Bee

  1. I think this shows how we really get stuck in our own perspectives—that it makes it easier to forget what these creatures and insects must feel.

    Though still, if I see a bee or spider invading my home, I know it’s time to burn the house down. 😂

    I really loved those last couple lines as I’m sure many can resonate with it. It’s very poignant and stirring from start to finish.

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