Dream State

It was dark and raining.
“There’s something outside.”
“Did you see someone?”
“No. It’s not a person.”
I tried peering through the rain soaked window.
“It’s upset with you,
and you’re going to feel it from the inside.”

-M. Taggart

As I turned the corner my body was forced forward.
My mind blurred in a frenzied pace.
I had learned so much.

9 thoughts on “Dream State

  1. This is beautiful and eerie and childlike. Almost a dream from a nightmare as a child.
    Those last three lines make me feel fire. As did the poem linked above. Is the reason for my fire multi-generational?


    • Not sure about multi generational. It’s my belief that everything is connected, all of us, somehow intertwined into the bigger picture. I’m way behind and replying to comments but I do see I have a bunch of fun ones to read from you! Thank you and I hope you’re having a good day so far and I will get caught up.

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