This morning we waited in line
to drop Gavin off at school.
A light flurry had begun.
The truck was running.
We were warm. I imagined
myself sitting at my desk
wondering what to write.
There were roughly 20
additional vehicles waiting
for the bell to ring.
Two teachers stood outside
with their masks on.
In each vehicle there were
at least two people. Often times
more. That’s a minimum of forty two minds.
My musings drifted from the weather,
to writing, to hoping Gavin will have
a good and safe day. How many
thoughts were ranging from lunch items
to winter weather clothing? Or having feelings
of anxiety for fear of failure, or being bullied.
And now that I am, in fact, sitting at my desk
writing and watching the flurries pack themselves
into a quick moving snowstorm I wonder
just how compounded everyone’s thoughts have
become and exactly how many have there been?
Hundreds of Thousands? Millions? It’s just one
morning. What an unstoppable force.

-M. Taggart

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