Poem – Abe

Delusional, humiliation, humiliated.

sometimes I say words outloud
to exercise my tongue

My childhood best friend struggles with ‘humiliated’
I make sure to practice that one from time-to-time
and I’ll call him and say it, then I ask him to say it.

I’m real nice like that.

somehow he’s still my best friend
and he’s one hell of a man
I’d fight for him

when my Dad was dying in the hospital
he constantly looked in on me, and my Dad,
with texts and phone calls

He’s the one I turn to, to vent
I remember Abe saying to me once
“Let’s just run away.”

He lived at my house.
We were teenagers.

And while we walked down my street
I jumped and punched the STOP sign,
it spun upside down and read, POTS.

We didn’t run away.
and it was around that time
when I realized God had given me
one hell of a right
which landed me in jail

Gotta go.
I owe my best friend a phone call.
I need it.

gonna say humiliated
and ask him to say it

then I’m gonna send him the link
to read this

Love you man. Always.

-M. Taggart

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