18 thoughts on “yup

  1. Hallelujah! You must have read my mind. That’s exactly what I was thinking tonight. And I couldn’t have said it better — Fuck politics! Now that I have finally driven all that ugliness from my mind (and my posts), I am now free to move about my inner self. Oh happy day!

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    • Love that about you, Tara. Where I am on the East Coast, there are very few intelligent conversations taking place. Mostly toxic hatred. I keep the serious conversations to a very select few. I’m rather sure you and I could talk about all three.

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      • I completely understand. I think it’s getting like that just about everywhere. It’s just that I am seeing more and more prevalently that folks won’t discuss the important things. It’s all on the surface, shallow. And if two people can’t agree, instead of a calm, intelligent conversation, it becomes a screaming match, devolving to name calling and childish behavior. The thing is, for the last seventy years in particular, we are more and more being programmed what to think and learning/using critical thinking is becoming extinct.

        Listen, I hold some very “unpopular beliefs”… but I am very confident in my decisions. So when those come against and say, no you’re wrong, well, I have an answer for why I believe what I believe. Because I’ve done the research. Because I use my own research and logic to come to my conclusions. I’m also not afraid to admit when I’m wrong (I don’t LIKE admitting I’m wrong… but I know when I am).

        Anyway, I do believe there is a time and a place for things, but I also believe folks are narrowing those times and places down smaller and smaller until we whisper is corners with only those who view our way so that we don’t get canceled.

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      • Absoluyely agree…the programming began way back when and it’s working very effectively currently. (both sides)..Especially ‘online’..I’ve had a number of ‘pub’ discussions with patrons (even during the pandemic while social distancing lol) and the discussions went nicely…but place the same debate/talk online.. lol well…the children come out to play.

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      • Folks feel “safer” behind glass. It’s why some “road rage” because psychologically they are nameless and faceless. (Huh, much like wearing a mask….) and that anonymity gives a sort of power to feel “okay” with ignoring social rules such as so-called common sense and basic kindness. I remember reading a research study done on anonymity rage oh some 10,12 years ago. Very enlightening. Why do you think lawbreakers have been hiding their faces forever when committing a crime? Because they become anonymous… and I also think (morally) they feel some small part of shame.

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    • ps..because you’re you I also input my meaning behind this. I don’t care about someone’s view point. I accept them as they are. I have the ability to enjoy every walk of life, even if they don’t agree with me.

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      • And YES!! That’s just the thing, isn’t it! True, actual tolerance, except in the case of immoral despicable behavior. For instance I have literally no tolerance for pedophilia. None whatsoever. And anyone aligning themselves with such behavior.

        As you mentioned, view points, mostly, can be talked about in a civilized manner. And also, I think talking about and from different viewpoints doesn’t necessarily mean either has to try to CHANGE the other’s opinion either.

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