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  1. deep down just know those we have lost are forever ingrained into our souls! Enjoy your day tomorrow! Oh and write like your life depends on it because deep down it does! Happy Birthday fellow friend poet.

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  2. I’m behind in the blogs, so the best I can do is wish you a belated happy birthday.

    My grandmother’s birthday was the 20th. Had her only until I turned ten, when she died. Housekeeper, cook, substitute parent, teller of stories from her youth in Ireland and Scotland, and all that while trudging across the field every day to spend time with her stricken son Archie, who’d suffered a stroke when he was forty. She laced her speech with peculiar Ulster idioms. And it was thanks to her and partly in her honor I had myself made a dual citizen with Ireland.

    But none of that captures who she was to me. And I imagine it’s the same for you when you go over the facts of the life of lost family member. It’s the little things you remember that help make that person special to you, and yet that still doesn’t quite capture who they are.

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  3. Many people are suffering these days. It’s pretty sad. We need other people, but we can’t be near them.

    But birthdays? They beat the alternative! Push the corners of your mouth up. We can hope for better times to come.


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