9 thoughts on “Poem

    • Hey, Iโ€™m still having difficulty getting into your blog. Literally canโ€™t get in. I think itโ€™s a setting. When I click on the upper right tab system most blogs show two links and the blog name. Yours only shows one link ๐Ÿ˜•


      • Ok. Idk what that means…but I know that Mrs. Zen gets in…hmm..not a long list I know. Hahaa. Could it be bc I didn’t download the newest WP app? I tried to send you a new invitation and it wouldn’t let me from my phone and I get to yours from email mostly. Sometimes reader…but mostly email and even then..like you it doesn’t seem like I can get to your actual site. Hmmm… I’ll try to figure this out Matt. This is frustrating me. Thanks for telling me. Please be well..


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