I had little, we were poor
walked across the road
and down the banking

and fished

I wasn’t good at fishing
my brother was

talked about ferns
and about how to
get stuck in mud
or about how to walk
in the brook

nobody talked about
how to help yourself
when you’re nearly gone

having little was
fine, great even

I didn’t realize
I was about to be gone

-M. Taggart

8 thoughts on “Poem-

  1. Oh wow, I really like this one. Perhaps because it wasn’t all that different for me. We didn’t have fishing, but we hunted. I did it until I was 15. My grandfather shot a dog I was raising for recovery because the dog ate part of the rabbit. I wasn’t able to get back into it.

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      • They have a way of making you desensitised to the death of animals. I never liked any version of it, but that one felt beyond cruel. Thank you for your empathy, Matt. Nowadays, one never knows what response one might get!


      • More and more I consider empathy to be a sign of higher intelligence. I believe they are benchmarking the wrong things. I can’t imagine what you felt like when that happened.


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