18 thoughts on “Truth

  1. Agreed. This Reminds me of a quote by Mercier:

    “Tremble, therefore, tyrants of the world ! Tremble before the virtual writer !”

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      • Hello!
        Yes, the cases have rosen indeed. But a large portion of the total cases has recovered. About 62%.
        The death rate is also quite low.

        The lockdown has mostly been lifted to restart the economy. The National Capital New Delhi and the Economic Capital Mumbai have both seen high spike.
        India does have a huge population (1.3 billion) and a comparatively small area compared to the US. So cases are indeed expected to go high.

        Hopefully it will slow down soon.
        I for one am well. Thank you for asking!

        How is it in the US ?


      • In my region it’s OK, but it’s spiking in other parts of the country. 71k new cases yesterday in total. That’s the most in any one given day. I hope the death rate stays low in India and that it doesn’t run like wildfire.

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      • That sounds like a lot. Hope your area remains safe!

        The death rate has been falling and recovery rising, so I believe/hope it would remain so.

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