Let’s be real.

I can’t write as hard as I want to. My society can handle it, but the agents controlling the pathways to the publishers cannot and the publishers cannot. Something needs to change. The best current writers are not the ones sitting on bookstore shelves.

That’s my opinion.



(I’m lucky and blessed to have been published by amazing publications. I’m referring to the large publishers that tend to publish the same old, same old. The best piece I’ve submitted to agents once triggered this response, “Yea, I can’t touch that.”)

17 thoughts on “Let’s be real.

  1. I agree. There is no way to account for how much more intelligent people have become since we have been able to access this level of information. What people want to read and what people are capable of producing shouldn’t be measured by old standards of what used to sell. It sucks for everybody. Same is true for all of the arts imho. My advice is to spend at least some time writing full unleaded, without holding back. That way it will be ready if a window opens or someone finally gets fed up and throws a brick through it. .


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