3:38 AM an orb appeared

At 3:38 AM an orb appeared above and to the left of our bed. The orb floated upward, lengthened and vanished. I had just returned from having gone downstairs to drink a glass of water. I was wide awake.

Whatever it was, was non-threatening.

Do any of you have any experience with something like this?


The orb arrived just after I had crossed my heart and started to pray for my family.

38 thoughts on “3:38 AM an orb appeared

  1. I had visions of an orange orb when I was seriously ill with pneumonia last year. One of my friends has strange photos of himself standing by a stream with an orb floating by his head. I never pray, however, as not religious or at least not in a conventional sense.


  2. i was woken one night by a man’s voice saying my name. i was home alone. saw a shiny sort of sparkly light above my doorway and then it disappeared. not scary, but always made me wonder.


  3. I’ve had some experience with un-explainable things which has led me to believe that energies, or whatever you might call them, get attached to people or places. Sometimes it’s unnerving but mostly it’s just occasional phenomena that’s of note.

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    • This was oddly calming, for me, almost felt as though the energy was connecting to something that I know, or vice-versa. Idk about you, but I’m so very comfortable in odd situations and knowing we know very little about the ‘big’ picture.

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  4. Very interesting. I have “felt” things but never “seen” anything. I love the idea of prayer bringing an aura/orb, whatever you want to call it, of comfort for you. Amazing!!


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