Odd Walking Thoughts – Transition

“Does a door know the other side of itself if never opened? I’m not sure. What if we are that while viewing a mirror. Who’s who and what’s when?” The man sat upright in his bed. It was late and the room was dark. His thoughts, spinning wildly out of control, pushed for his reality to pause itself with fear of acknowledgment of what’s to come. It was time for transition. Time to leave what was for what now is, and he wasn’t ready.
“Am I a door? And where’s my mirror? I’ll look at it in the dark.”

-M. Taggart

11 thoughts on “Odd Walking Thoughts – Transition

    • Thanks. As for Easter (referring to your question on a previous post ) ..not much this year with the lock down. Normally we’d travel to another state to be with family. This year we created a zoom meeting. All things considered, it was a good day. Hope yours was as well.


      • I thought you hadn’t noticed that comment šŸ™‚

        That sounds fun.

        My day was like any other.


      • Okay Matt šŸ™‚
        I wonder, what do americans call their elders? Calling an elder by their name in India would be bad manners.

        I see. I asked because I never saw an award post on your blog.


      • I’m fascinated by India’s culture and its peoples. Your history..and finally your independence. For some reason, maybe you have an inclination as to why, my blog is visited heavily by people interested in my writing- from India. Maybe i’ll be lucky enough to visit your country some day. We use Mr. Or Mrs. ..however, the norm is to use first names. Tim. Bob. Joey. Amber. Patricia. Mary. lol you get the point.


      • Nice to know you are fascinated by india’s culture šŸ™‚

        I believe all bloggers get huge indian views. Because India has the world’s second largest population and China has most probably banned WordPress.

        It would be amazing if you visit India.

        The Mr. And Mrs. Makes sense.


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