9 thoughts on “Hemingway

      • It’s getting better with each passing day, Matt! Tomorrow is the big night. The house of my dreams will be on an episode of, “Haunting in the Heartland,” on the Travel Channel. Thanks only to their courtesy, I’ll be at the actual house with my beloved friends watching the airing. The plan is to stay the rest of the night and hope for one last showdown with the resident ghost. 😀 I’m like a little kid.


      • No doubt the definition of fun in my world! Sitting here diagramming all of the reported phenomena. Have had it in my mind for a while. Transferring it to paper to show my friends. Have a database going of the activity I’m aware of. There are other accounts I haven’t heard. Yeah, I’m concerned that this may be my last chance to visit the home. I need a repeat of Christmas Morning when I was there. 😀

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  1. And, Matt, I know this, “ghost,” inside and out. Whether it’s a conglomeration of interpretations of environmental stimuli that is reported back as a ghost, or if the moving mass reported by human eyes actually belongs to a sentient consciousness, I know it. I just wrote out on paper what I have been mentally processing for over a year. Leave TV show making to those experts. They can give a person a piece of quality entertainment if they like a good ghost story. That’s their expertise. I’m not a ghost hunter. But, I know this ghost. And, I know what I’m looking for. The answers are there at Linden Hill.

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