Confusion with a tail #poem

Stray dog came at me today.
I didn’t want to fight,
Pulled out my knife-
saw the Pitbull.
Didn’t have much time,
as our four-year-old
was about to be dropped
off from the bus.
What the hell was this dog
doing here, on the side
of a mountain in Maine?
I want to be his friend.
But had to take out
the knife.
Shouldn’t show your teeth.
And shouldn’t circle behind.

-M. Taggart

He’s fine, somewhere in the woods.
I’d like to know him on different terms.
Maybe I’ll find him tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Confusion with a tail #poem

  1. Ugh this is literally my worst case scenario. I’ve had two instances like this where a pit bull was running at me full speed, barking it’s fool head off. Each time I’ve stopped and faced it and loudly commanded it to stop and to go home. Of course while praying inside like my life depends on it.

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    • This is also the second time I’ve dealt with this situation, same breed. The first encounter was while I was jogging in a park in Rhode Island. That was actually much more out of control. It’s so massively annoying when dogs try to attach an individual for absolutely no cause. I’m glad you came out of it unscathed. If it was my four year old in the driveway alone (which he’d never be alone) it may have been rather bad. Maybe you should carry a knife! 🙂

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      • A knife implies I’d have to stab the animal 😰 I think I’d pass out. Spraying its eyes eyes from a safe-ish distance is more my cup of gruesome tea. I am happy to hear you were also left unscathed in both situations.


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