19 thoughts on “A big box of matrix

    • Odd. I just tried leaving a comment on your post “To Wrestle with God” and when I submitted the comment it said ‘This comment cannot be accepted.” …Anyway, the comment was this, “I believe I’m come to a point where I no longer wrestle with God..and the things falling into place…. nearly unreal.”

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      • Whaaat? That’s not cool 😕 Comments from friends are always accepted. I’ll check in my spam folder for it too. That is so awesome to hear of things falling into place, I love it. I do believe that reaching a certain level of healing, a certain level of vibrations, does attract the correct things into our lives.

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      • Okay, but sometimes, when I write, what I’m hoping is for people to reflect, ponder, and realize for themselves. If I do the work for them, then they’re still in that “matrix” sort of thing. Some things I’ve come to realize for myself. I didn’t need experts, popular opinion, or a panel, nor anyone to justify my understanding. The understanding, for me, was self-evident. I could just “see” and understand. **I believe many people living in fear have thoughts and ideas not of their own, and they react to those “ideas”, emotional environments (like a virus), and constant surrounding of propaganda. And the few, who reject fear are often labelled as unsimpathetic and such, which creates doubt, then fear.

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