14 thoughts on “#Be Original

  1. On this one, I don’t quite agree with you, but rather with that teacher. I’ve seen so many texts that are “original”, written by people who claim just that. “I don’t care about rules! I write originally!” And the results are more like rubbish: unreadable, un-understandable.

    If you know the rules and brake them on purpose and know what you’re doing – then it can be really really good. And original! (If there at all is such a thing nowadays with so endlessly many people who are writing.)

    There are of course exceptions. Those who have this talent for writing and writing really well from birth. Those who have had this gift in them all the time. They just know what is original and at the same time good writing. They don’t even think about it, even less talk about it! Brag about it!!
    They just write in their own way. It’s natural for them! That’s real originality!
    I also think these people have read books from a very young age, and have kept on reading ever since.

    But this is just my opinion.

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    • ah…I do respect your point of view. Thank you for sharing. I didn’t dig deeply into the full scope of mine. Let me leave you with a thought…one word, talent. In my experience I’ve found many educators to focus on rules, benchmarks, and miss the talent. If applied to a sport I participated in, Boxing, one can think of a boxer with impeccable technique, however, very little talent. Or ability to ‘work’ outside the box..I’m sure you see my point.


      • Oh I sure do see your point! AND agree!!!
        Using rules but having no talent – disaster!

        But not knowing the rules, and not having any talent, and still think you can write a book, and kind of brag of it!!!!
        “I write original, I don’t care about commas and that shit…. What? Reading books? I’ve never read a book in my entire life!!!”
        That’s hundred times disaster. Or more.

        Working outside the box is good, a long as you know what you’re doing. That you’re doing it for a purpose.
        I just love that kind of writing, love to read it!


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