It’s Winter Outside

This morning we’re experiencing our first significant snowfall of the winter season. It’s a beautiful snow that’s sticking to the evergreens and has weighed down each branch, as if mother nature has given them all an insulated blanket.

When I was a child, after a heavy snow storm, I would find young evergreens which had their branches weighted down to the ground. You couldn’t tell where the branches ended or where the snow-covered ground began. I would dig a small opening and crawl under the lowest level of branches and lay in my wintry cocoon. Mostly you heard nothing.

Now that Gavin is four, we’ll be searching for these young evergreens and we’ll show him how to create his own wintry cocoon. He’ll be dressed in his winter gear, and we’ll bring a sled.

-M. Taggart

12 thoughts on “It’s Winter Outside

  1. Matt! We are getting our first major snow as well. Like, right now. Last time I checked there’s about 18” out there.

    It snowed a couple other times but not a whole lot. But now it’s dumping! 💕❄️ Winter is such a wonderful season, especially for kids…. when do adults lose that sparkle and wonder for this season? The snow and the joy and the newness and it all seems to disappear in the hearts of adults. Teach him to love winter (all seasons…. but especially winter). ❄️


      • I figured you were. You seem like you would😊 And yes! Me too. Autumn and winter are my favorite seasons. I love walking in the snow. And I actually like shoveling it too! I thank my parents for that… who had a fairly long driveway…. which we shoveled each and every time it snowed. Kids chores. Just like hauling in the coal and wood. And bringing water up from the creek when the pipes froze… which happened at least once a year.


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