Poem –

I’m addicted to my son’s safety.
I think it’s possible that I’m constantly
thinking about his health and safety
because of my own childhood trauma-
of which he does not have.
Maybe it’s time I let images
of him laughing and running,
with his gleaming eyes and bouncing hair,
flood my thoughts. My trauma is not his.
I need to remember this and to be
better about it. I have such a deep
connection, and love for my son, that I can’t
fathom how any parent or guardian
couldn’t. And there I go, not being
better about it. Back to him running,
and laughing, and being loved.

-M. Taggart

13 thoughts on “Poem –

  1. This spoke to me so much, Matt. It’s hard not to feel the vulnerability of our kids when we’ve experienced trauma. It’s the conflict of wanting desperately to protect but also wanting them to be free. Beautiful and so poignant, thank you.

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  2. Yes:) I also have this…it’s hard to comprehend they are safe when we were not. However, they are safe; mine are anyway, and so is Gavin, and very well loved and cared for. I call that blessing and goodness and it heals the child that I was somewhere inside.


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