Make your own

It’s 30 degrees. This is literally what I’m doing right now. Mid-day, Friday November the 8th. We’re burning downed  branches on our property. Megan just went inside to take a shower. And yes, that’s whiskey in the background.

I live an enchanted life. If my childhood torture taught me anything, it’s that societal rules don’t actually exist.

Make your own.


12 thoughts on “Make your own

  1. An artic blast will blanket the nation soon. I have a 55 Gal drum that I cut in half length ways. Works great to burn my downed limbs as well. I lay it in between 4 cinder blocks spread apart so that it’s up off the ground. I had one fire in it a few weeks back, and will be stoking it up again soon. Sure beats bagging limbs!


    • That sounds great! We’ll be creating a fire pit here, just haven’t had the moment to do it just yet. The property has a long way to go..and a lot of fires lol..and bring on the cold blast! I love it! And snow! It was 16 at 8am this morning. Have fun with your large fire!


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