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      • hhaha “matter of fact, I’ll go look again now” that cracked me up, haha. So genuine and innocent! I’ve been well man. Between working my part time job, looking for full-time jobs, trying to accomplish certain goals that I have, and doing other life things, spending time online has been hard. Even writing doesn’t come easy anymore. Not that I don’t get inspired, it’s just that I have a hard time finding the time to get in that mentality and listen to the inspiration–then put it on paper. It’s strange though, and different. But I’ve been thinking a lot about ways that I can balance my time, and I think I’ve got something for now. It’ll cost me a few hours of sleep, but I think I can get this poetry machine up to soaring again. It’s all I got. I don’t have a choice.

        Thank you for checking in man. You’re very genuine and caring, and I admire that brother. I don’t think I’ve ever received a response from my last email? By the way, know that I’m always thinking about you and your family. Seeing the notification for this comment a few days ago has stuck to my mind and has gotten me here to respond haha. I hope all is well! How are you? How’s the family? Your dad?


      • OH man..lol I’m the worst with emails. We travel this weekend, but when I’m back, I’ll find it and reply. I read a portion of it to my father..it was very powerful. He says he’s doing good, but I don’t know. We don’t live in the same state and I can’t put my eyes on him to really know. I hope he is ok. I’ll be touching base with him soon. I’m good, family is good. We are all active and happy. concerning finding time to write…as Charles Bukowski once wrote (not a direct quote, but close) ‘No matter where you are, you create.’ I use to write three line poems while rocking Gavin to sleep with my thumb on my cell phone. You are a talent, a creative, it’ll happen if you try and ignore it. -Look for that email in a few days, I have a question for you which I’ll provide within the email.

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      • That quote is great! I can create no matter where I am, and honestly, I create poems in my head while doing whatever. It’s just that I tend to forget them before noting it down. But it’s okay, I’ll figure out something. I hope your father is okay too, and I hope you’re having a wonderful trip with your family!!! wwwoohhhooo!! When I was younger, these were the best. Looking forward to that question! Talk to you soon!


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