I’m viewing the grey lifeless skyline
hoping to soon see a dripping sunset.
I’m thinking the decaying leaves
are also disinterested in more soggy
New England October weather and
would rather trade it for the crispness
that often rides along, clinging to the winds,
while the moon is high, full and alive,
pushing away low lying cloud cover
to expose the naked sky and silent stars.

-M. Taggart

3 thoughts on “Poem

  1. ahh, yes, lovely imagery! I often wonder what it feels like to experience winter in New England rather than Colorado. We get mostly sunny-cold, intermittent snow and wild temperature fluctuations and have days where it is warm sometimes in dead of winter. Many people here are from the east coast and say it’s much milder. I always think of a New England winter in terms of a much more varied tree species, wetter, colder, more layers of vegetation. It makes me think of a more mystical and interesting sort of winter:) Don’t know if I’m right or wrong! But here’s to our winter, Matt, may we stay warm and cozy, whatever it brings us.


    • hmmm..I’ll try and take photos this winter that will help to show you. Generally, we get hammered with snow. I love that part. Sometimes though, if it’s not a big snow winter, there is a lot of sleet and ice storms..that’s not that kind of winter I love. I have been to CO, but not in the winter. It’s possible there are more evergreen trees here, but I’d need to look that up to be sure.

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      • I feel like you guys have more varied tree species, Colorado is quite homogeneous with its flora and fauna… pretty much all pines/evergreens and some aspen groves. I spent some time in New York State and it seems lusher and more interesting in its diversity. I know we have a milder winter but I think you guys have more interesting scenery (apart from our fabulous Rockies; but we have to drive to get into them). I’m sure it’s quite a different winter experience. I’d love to see pictures:)


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