My Poem “Our Self Embrace” Read Live on Stage in NYC at Bowery Poetry by SirCharlesThePoet.

Recently I was blown away by a kind and generous man. I approached him about reading a published poem of mine, on stage, in NYC. Charles Joseph (aka SirCharlesThePoet) has an energy about him which I admire. Charles had, from my point of view, very little reason to do this for me, but he did. Because apparently, that’s how he is.

When Charles first sent me the video I couldn’t watch it. I tried, but needed to shut it off each time he started to read the poem. Not only because of what the poem means to me personally, but because of how large I view this moment-  his act of kindness reached through my screen.

Please visit and participate with Sircharlesthepoet:
His About page:

“Charles “Sircharlesthepoet” Joseph is a poet living in NYC, although he was born in Haiti. At 11 years old, Charles discovered America. Soon after his discovery of the States, at the age of 12, Charles started writing.”

Here is a link to the video. I am so very thankful for this. For Charles to read this poem on stage in NYC is a dream come true. I’m in shock that you did this for me, Charles, I will not forget. You are a talented, intelligent, creative mind. I’m happy to know you.

YouTube Video:


Our Self Embrace, orginally published on SpillWords Press:

Our Self Embrace

Cheers, Everyone! I do hope you are lucky enough to know Charles.



21 thoughts on “My Poem “Our Self Embrace” Read Live on Stage in NYC at Bowery Poetry by SirCharlesThePoet.

  1. Wow, Matt. You are truly a special man. Wow! Reading this post and all of the comments under it–the comments you made–showed me how much of a great, genuine and selfless person that you are. As I had said before, reading this poem was nothing but an honor to me. This poem is so beautiful, so pure, such a necessary poem. I also know that everything that went into you reaching out to me and me reading that poem on that specific day (I actually intended to read it on the day prior, but something came up and I got a little lazy haha) was all directed by God (on that day, it turned out that a friend of mine hosted the poetry reading, which created a great atmosphere for me to read that poem). Thank you immensely, Matt. And now I know why I got a few likes from my about page haha! Once again, it was truly nothing but an honor to read this piece. You’re an amazing man. I wish for pure bliss upon you.

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    • Ah! This is so very interesting to me! See, you selfless person in this situation, is you. The least I could do was show that to the world the best that I can. Thank you for everything. It’ll be good to see what’s next. My family really enjoys you. The biggest compliment you gave me was to call me brother.

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      • Wow, I am sending so much love your way Matt!!! I truly consider you a brother. And please say hi to your family for me! Oooh tell your son this dad joke!– “What do you call a cat during Christmas?” Santa CLAWS!

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