Let’s celebrate our differences

I’m Matt.
I’m a stocky, hairy, Scots-Irish American.
I like books. Good books. Cigars, not always good ones,
and looking at walls. Not all walls have secrets, or are the same,
but most have something to say, if you listen, or see.
I guess walls are a bit like us. I like us. I cherish all
cultures. I want to know what makes a Scot a Scot, or
an Indian an Indian. I want to learn. I want to cheers
a Russian with a glass of mother’s vodka, and smoke a smoke
with an Iranian. If that’s something they like. I don’t know.
I don’t want to hide what makes us, us. I want to celebrate
these differences and decorate them as an alliance.
My wife took a few photos of me and made it a GIF.
This was just before we moved and I’m as out of shape
as I can be, but that’s OK. I’m vulnerable and comfortable
with looking not my best. I like things to be what they are,
facades never mean anything anyway.




ps, If you ever have a drink with me. Good luck lol

My last name is Taggart. And once was McTaggart. From what I understand
my heritage goes back to the highlands of Scotland. Hope to go there.

39 thoughts on “Let’s celebrate our differences

  1. We are who we are, and that is it. I come from the o’kennedy line of Ireland and Scotland on my father’s side and the silvestri stock on my Italian mother’s side. Somehow it all mixes together and here we are – embrace it.

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  2. Wonderful post, Matt ! And i really like the gif !

    Now, i have to think about our differences. Actually, the Scottish and the Greeks are friends. No differences, dear !… lol…

    What amazes me, though, is that the Greeks have differences with the Greeks. I can’t speak on behalf of the Scottish on this. Since, though, i live in US, i notice the same thing. Sometimes, not always. My Zoye has the same behavior, when she meets other dogs. She doesn’t like her race or her species ! She likes to play with the birds ! And then birds play with her. And she Loves Clint Eastwood. They are friends. She heard some fake news about Clint, and she is pissed.

    Take care, Matt. Wonderful post. Thanks.

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    • The highlands is specifically what draws me to want to visit. I feel I need to step foot and see with my own eyes the beauty that I’ve only experienced via photos and videos. I’ll check that song out, thanks for the link.

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  3. Hi Matt you are from excellent stock! I’m Irish myself, and I truly love how American Irish are so proud of their heritage.

    I also adore books. I’m an anthropologist because I love people. Learning about them, their background and their lives.

    I also love to write, I feel happy, even peaceful when I’m writing.

    Glad to be following you and part of this lovely writing community. 🙂

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  4. Nice to meet you… I’m mixed up lol my family line on my moms side is Irish and and on my dads side in Scottish (two world’s I know nothing about) but I’m Jamaican by birth. ♥

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  5. All these Scots and Irish. And I’m another: mother born in Scotland, her mother born in Ulster, and a great-grandmother on my father’s side from County Kerry in Ireland. (While my surname is Danish Viking English.) Managed to trace my mother’s roots back to the early 19th century in Scotland and Ulster, thanks to the online resources of the Scottish and Northern Ireland Records Offices.

    I went to Great Britain many years ago to track down the places there that parts of my family came from. If you go to Scotland, Matt, and take a hike up the West Highland Trail, you’ll be starting in my mother’s home town, Milngavie, only a few hundred feet from where she was born and grew up.

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      • Keep up the good work, McTaggart!

        In our travels, I learned one Scottish phrase—pog ma hone (excuse my spelling.) which we were later able to use while chatting with a Cab Driver. He laughed😊

        Some of the prettiest countryside anywhere—Scotland, Isle of Skye, Wales,,,all of it! Fun people. Beautiful voices. Incredible craftsmanship…

        Do hope you go one day. Have a ‘wee dram’ for me, ok?

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      • Yarrr!! Or actually, our family saying is, “Ooga!” lol Gavin loves to say that he is and Ooga. It’s a fun word and can be used however anyone wants to use it 🙂 It’s especially fun when having a ‘wee dram’ ha


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