Be careful with the little ones

I was two when my parents divorced.
My first memory is of my father
carrying my mother, slung over his shoulder,
down the hallway to their bedroom.

After he left the house, I walked from
the living room to their bedroom.
“Mommy, are you ok?”

She was crying.

After the divorce there was an emptiness.
I still feel it.
It took years before my father gained the
right to visit with my brother and I.
Once a week.

Eventually another man was there.
That’s when the real torture began.

-M. Taggart

16 thoughts on “Be careful with the little ones

  1. This sad reality for children plays out over and over again. I’ve heard this from others and experienced my trauma in childhood as well. There is just too much scarring children have to work through. ((hugs))

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  2. Chilling. Divorce can be done well. BUT…stats bear out the reality…children are more likely to be abused/hurt/injured/assaulted/molested by the mother’s boyfriend. It’s a sad state of economics, neediness and abuse of opportunity. Chin up, You.

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