Watching The Storm

There’s something about an approaching storm.
The wind, the smell, the trees bending in preparation.
I become stuck, knowing any one tree will never bend
in that exact way again, I try storing as much of the
moment as I can, and while doing so the storm becomes
closer. I can hear thunder and see the lightening.
I can feel everything. There’s something about watching it all.

-M. Taggart

24 thoughts on “Watching The Storm

  1. I love it. I lived in a city near the sea and I always thought of the boats and the waves under the thunder. It gave me a strange feeling. For some reason thunder always made me feel alive.

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  2. I agree. Plus the geographical view from spacey above, is totally unique, it’s like clouds holding hands, and wind swinging in their descent. I once saw a thunderstorm from the proximity of a flight high in the air. Fucking terrifying.

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