5 thoughts on “poem – again and again

  1. I spent the morning trying to translate your poem into italian in the best way. This is how it turned out

    Com’รจ strano, questo suono
    di un pensiero incauto
    varcante il mattino velato di luce soffusa
    non ancora pienamente cosciente-
    socchiudi le labbra e dischiudi una canzone colma di sconfinato futuro,
    versando ogni
    goccia lontano.

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  2. The funny thing is that i had a discussion about my version of your poem with a known professional translator, a friend of mine. I let him read your poem and he find it original and tough, and he gave me his italian translation that is more accurate of course and he told me that mine was too weak and not faithful. He is a professional by the way, while i was just going through as an amateur. ๐Ÿ™‚


    • I consider it a great compliment that you discussed this work with someone, thank you, I’m flattered. And thank you for sharing his feedback. It all helps to fuel me. Please tell him that my close friends would agree on his assessment.

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