19 thoughts on “Mirror

  1. Since i like to share your poetry, Matt, to my social, i think you should check the following tweet of mine with one of your posts, to see how your posts look like, when someone share your posts. It is because you don’t use featured image, which is fine. What you see, though, is your site’s icon, which is white :

    Ps : I wish you won’t get offended. This is not my purpose. I think you should use an icon with your initial letters or something … Take care.

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      • I see your point, you’ re right. This is why i said : it’s fine if you don’t use feature images. However, you should play a bit with your site’s icon feature. If you wish i can create one -two to download them to make a test… lol… I think, though, it will be extremely beneficial.

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      • Yes, it is exciting, and important Matt.

        Go : customize > Site Identity (the first on the top), When you click on Site Identity, scroll a bit down to see : Site Icon


      • No… lol… Probably, you ‘ve changed the logo.

        When you change the site icon is easy to understand it when you look your tabs on the top of your browser. Take a look high above on the tabs of your browser. Now, it is still the (W) …ordpress symbol.

        Ps : When on the customizer, the first on the top is the “Site Identity”. Click on the “Site Identity” and you ‘ll see the following list as you scroll down : Site Title, Tagline, Logo, Site Icon, Footer Credit.

        For your site icon your image should be at least 512 x 512

        Ps 2 : What happens is this : if you don’t use a feature image, automatically the wordpress displays your site icon. If you use a feature image OR an image in your post, then it displays either the feature image, or (if no feature image, but an image in the post) your image which is in the post.


  2. Wow! I love this!!! I remember that I wrote something very similar to this!

    Anyways, I wanted to thank you sssooo very much for pointing out the link that wasn’t working on my last post! I have investigated the situation and figured out why the link was not working (not true, I still don’t know why the link was not working haha! But I did find a way to make it work, though). I have re-uploaded the post and presented the link in a sense that it would work. I have also given you a shout out on the post!!! Nevertheless, here is the link to the re-uploaded post.


    Once again, thank you so much for pointing that out for me!!! (let’s hope the link above works!)

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