poem – tiny little times

My memory works in images
I see them, replay them, feel them
This is how I find things that are ‘lost’
I hope I never come to be without myself
that might be a bit of an issue
For now though, I’ll continue
wondering if I’m truly getting older
or if the days are getting longer
stretching this matrix into oddly shaped
happenings, placed, filed, and organized
into tiny little images to review later on.

-M. Taggart

cheers everyone

15 thoughts on “poem – tiny little times

  1. Reblogged this on Outosego and commented:
    Matt -or Mathew- is a wonderful writer. He is a wonderful poet, ladies and gentlemen. A wonderful creator. And this is one of his poems which i really like. He acknowledges he underestimated this one. Fortunately, he didn’t throw it away.

    Since i like to pay attention to the words, all i can say for the moment -without writing a further analysis- is that i see some wonderful keywords in this one. Can you ?

    You may click on the following link to take a look at his published work, dear friends, which is wonderful : https://mtaggartwriter.wordpress.com/my-book/

    Ps : When the discussion comes around poetry and literature, I use to say : Spare a dime, brother. Take care, dear friends, and spare a dime.


  2. I hoped clicking the like button would show my thoughts about this poem, because I’m failing miserably to be descriptive here about this piece’s soul. I’ll just leave with a “Well done”

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