Poem – Wasn’t meant to fly

Sometimes I don’t know where the words come from
I don’t
I stare blankly out the window
or at a wall
and they come
One word
leading others
until I
eventually become

Just like when I walked off the plane
at Bradley International Airport in Connecticut
I knew I needed to
I had been shown what would happen
if the plane took flight
and when I saw THAT cloud
I knew it had begun
it was real

They removed the rest of the passengers nearly an hour after

I had already scheduled a new flight
and was sitting in a chair next to the gate, when
a woman holding a bible walked directly to me
“You knew, you knew.”

I did. I don’t know why I was given the sight
much like I don’t know why I’m given words
This isn’t funny
and sometimes it hurts

-M. Taggart




ps,. She said a lot more than ‘you knew’

34 thoughts on “Poem – Wasn’t meant to fly

  1. Interesting, Matt. My husband, James, has a similar experience. He gets this strong feeling when he is about to run into someone he knows. He will say things like “someone is here that I know” at a store or somewhere. It’s happened a bunch of times, and he’s always right. BTW, I still need to read your work. It’s on my to do list. I went back to college and my free time took a hit. But I’ve been thinking about it. You’re one of my favorite writers!!


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