Poem – tell me about reality

Nothing like reading a book and watching words bend.
You know it isn’t real,
but they bend anyway.

Kind of like when you’re nearly asleep
and feel something touch you.
No one’s there, but
you felt what you felt.

Happened to me the other night.
I wasn’t asleep.
Something sat down next to my feet
at the end of the bed

I didn’t bother to move
I acknowledged mentally
what had happened
and now it’s a memory

Just like now,
Gavin is in the other room
He’s supposed to be taking a nap
instead he’s playing with a dinosaur
and telling stories
His voice raises and lowers
and now this is also
a memory

-M. Taggart

9 thoughts on “Poem – tell me about reality

  1. Can’t relate to this but I know my friend could! She said it was weird because that ‘feeling’ she felt, she said was a familiar feeling and it made her warm and comfortable…she thinks it could have been her late uncle who she was very close with…it happened around the time of his death (but who knows!)

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  2. Great truth. Moments flee, turn to memory and then the head cradles them in an attemt to pay mind. Lived this, Matt.
    P.S I seemed to have slipped out of your following somehow. Well, I’m back.

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  3. Hi. You are an excellent writer and I am in awe for you. You should start publishing books and poems. By the way it is a great poem and the plot for the poem is excellent. Well done again!!


    • That’s very kind of you. Thank you. I’m happy to say a number of my poems, and even a few short stories, have indeed been published. Check out my “Published Work” and you’ll find them.


  4. I like this poem. I don’t know how to express it, but I can say yes I agree with that feeling. It’s like something you can’t see but you know it’s there.


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