It Lives

The National Weather Service
is calling for Thunderstorms.
Some may be severe.
I’m greedily holding my coffee cup
and reading each line.
‘Some of the storms today and into
early this evening may be severe.’
Damaging winds even.
I’ll continuously check their reports
hoping to see the language updated to
‘Possible large hail…and even..
that a tornado cannot be ruled out.’
I want the tornado.

I witnessed an EF-0 in Sunderland, MA.
It had just picked up a tobacco barn
and tossed it onto Route 47.
I call the tornado, ‘It’ because when I looked out
my window I saw something that was alive.
It, was furious. I could almost hear its voice.

I’ve been addicted to severe weather since our meeting.


Note: I do not wish for any person to be injured in any storm, tornado, severe weather etc. The EF-0 tornado (roughly 2009) I witnessed was the beginning of a string of storms that ripped through Western, MA. Including the EF-3 that touched down in Springfield, MA in 2011, and traveled for 36 miles. Unfortunately this storm was lethal. I am literally addicted to severe weather and have educated myself with a tremendous appetite. If you are interested in understanding these damaging storms, and how to stay safe, I recommend starting with an interactive radar. You can find these via most news outlets under the ‘weather’ section. Study the radar during active storms. Learn where a tornado may form on your own and don’t depend on alerts.

Cheers everyone. Observe and stay safe.

9 thoughts on “It Lives

  1. It’s fascinating… weather is totally out of our control and so majestic and powerful. I lived through a hurricane in Florida when I was a kid and (stupidly) thought it was quite exciting… sounded like a train. The lightening storms in Houston, TX at night were so incredible. Can’t say I like the snow in Denver, though:)


    • Oh yes!!! Hurricane! We were hit by two while living on the coast of Rhode Island. Both had calmed to Cat 1s when they landed, but were still very destructive and completely have my respect! Mother Nature does not mess around. I’ve never been to Texas. I’m am envious!


  2. Once sat in a closet with six nuns and a bottle of wine to myself while we watched a tornado through sliding glass doors. Great party.


  3. Living in the South, I also am a weather person. We have had several tornadoes in Mississippi and one big one hit Tupelo. I saw the storm coming and just knew it was going to hit our house. I could see the power lines breaking and the clouds were really dark and a funny color. The tornado hit 1/2 behind our house. Clean up took weeks and when I tempted to get out and look, I was sadden at the damage. It took so many trees in a neighborhood I grew up by. I hardly could find my way around things had changed so much.


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