On Self Reflection

Timeless humanity and our perception of this. That is what I study. That is what I write. To include the walking positives, and the walking negatives. I try and peel away my internal hurdles to better see the world around me. When I meet a person I lean on the positives, now by natural sate of mind, and so often I notice possible new friends leaning on the negatives. Is this the best we have, humanity?

For me, it started with large amounts of self reflection. I lived alone for a number of years and paced my studio apartment walls endlessly. Until I bought a kayak. I floated on rivers, streams, ponds and lakes, alone, and then with friends and family. Someone recently asked me, “Was that depression? Being alone all the time on the river?” No. It was needed and a blessing.

When I was a child I knew how to run wildly among the ferns and pound the banking of the brook until I broke into the water, with or without shoes, and it was pure bliss. The sunshine, the leaves above me, the awareness of my surroundings. Somehow much of that was taken. I’m partly to blame. Growing older lead me to things that never mattered to me, but somehow I pretended that they did. Until I finally found the water and the aloneness again.

It was during this time that I learned one of my ‘secrets’ I cannot share. I can only hope many of you find your own version of this. This is where my faith is stored and why my confidence is that of a beautifully happy child. I know something. It was given to me as a gift and I see it everywhere I look. In each piece of wind, each hand shake, and in every face.

I hope you all have the best Independence Day possible.


12 thoughts on “On Self Reflection

  1. This is a lovely post Matt – making that reconnection with our inner child is a wonderful thing! I think I had a similar experience to you – I had to spend a significant time alone to realise what was important in life but I also realised that I could be alone and be happy :O) x

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  2. Firstly, I love this and desperately want to know your โ€˜secretโ€™:), but I want to acknowledge that where you marinate effects your outlook… Nature is such a pure form of beauty and peace and for many of us, cathartic; as are people we love and who love is in healthy ways. However, put me with pain and hurt or brutality for a while and I will simmer and seethe with darkness. ๐Ÿ˜Šloved your writing…

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