About Ghosts

I’ve never seen a ghost. Although I believe they are among us. Much like premonitions hidden within dreams. Now those, I’ve had. Forewarnings that have come to pass, some of which were uncomfortable. It’s all there. It’s only a matter of seeing them.

Have any of you seen a ghost?



39 thoughts on “About Ghosts

  1. I’ve never seen the traditional idea of an apparition or specter but I have seen many of the more important figures in my life as some form of reincarnate. So similar in behavior, manner, name, likeness, that it is almost as if they lived a life, went to heaven and came back, essentially lapping me while I was taking my sweet time moseying across the canvas that is life. As an example, I met a woman named Elena, who I now consider a dear friend, my grandma’s name was Helena, both grew up on a farm, no nonsense but free spirited types, strong, independent women, and Elena, she has a couple of chickens, that’s what caught my attention, one was named Georgianna and the other Charlotte, which just so happen to be my mother and sister’s name. My grandma did most of the raising of my sister. Everyone except my grandma called my mother Georgia. My grandma called her Georgianne. One of many such happy weirderies. 🙂

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      • I got more of a sense that my grandma was searching for me, strangely. We weren’t as close and towards the end of her life, it seemed there was some regret there. I have actively searched for my dad, or I should say, not let his spirit and fire die and I see him often (but never close up). I think I look more deeply at everyone now, just to make certain I don’t miss a good one!!!

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  2. I have not personally seen “our” ghost but there is one in our home and he has been seen by three members of my family. I have seen and heard evidence of his existence, though. But he is a friendly ghost. And no, it is not Casper.

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  3. Recently moved close to a museum that is said to be haunted by Clara Endicott Sears, the founder. So, for several evenings, everyone in the house heard noises upstairs. We have a third floor attic and locked the door. Sounds stopped. Recently reopened the door and so far no sounds. Pissed off ghost? Yet, Clara Endicott Sears, has been known to stop by during our yoga class at the museum. Tends to be very shy but wants you to know she is around.

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      • First experience so clueless regarding terminology. Im kinda sad we chased her away. We were getting nervous. Albeit frightened even, until I talked with the museum director, upon which we unlocked the door. Still no indication she has returned. Wonder if she will return? I guess receiving messages from her would be even more interesting. One can hope. Her summer house was demolished sometime in the ‘60’s-70’s. We have found several archeological finds walking the grounds. Your post is certainly peaking my interest in the phenomenon. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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      • My brother is highly involved with this type of research. We both very much enjoy the subject. If I remember correctly, you moved somewhat recently. Are there many old homes in your area?

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      • Oh yes! It is New England! Although our house was built in 2003.

        There is quite an interesting house nearby that has been in film (i.e. early 1700’s) and we have an active historical society. As time allows, I will find out more about the people and area. Thoreau, the Alcotts and other well-known historical figures walked, camped and lived throughout the area. An old abandoned road cuts through the adjoining property. Definitely what makes it fun to live here.

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  4. Yes i have. If i dont see them you can sometimes feel their energy. Ive had several experiences with the paranormal. The last one i had was last year. Havnt seen, heard, or felt anything since.

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      • It really is. I leanred at an early age to not give them what they are looking for. I think i got left alone when i wasnt giving them attention. I know i had ome of the one ive seem follow me. But i saw him clear as day. I rember what he wore. He was in an all white suit so i think he was my gaurden or maybe an angel if noy a good curious spirit.


  5. Never seen a ghost, ever. I really wonder how they look like. I’m not sure if this is just me or real, I had an experience with doppelganger twice, which is really crazy. Maybe I will make my story as a blogpost one day. I had to search it on google why there are doppelganger and the explanation made sense, it even made sense why I saw them.

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  6. I have. Though, I do not call them as such. I do not believe in “ghosts” (as described by many who don’t understand the world in which we live and the spiritual realms) per se… but in spirits, yes.

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  7. Haven’t seen a ghost ! Not yet ! But I have dreams, here and there. One dream drives me crazy, still. I was 12-14 when i saw the night before what is going to happen the next day to an unknown, but well known form the tv lady. She was a reporter, a sportscaster.

    How do you define a ghost ? How do you recognize ? I’ ve heard stories, though. Different kind of stories. But is was always under some certain circumstances.


    • There’s an investigation taking place near my home town where a young lady has been repeatedly ‘marked up’ by ‘something’ that has yet to be seen. I wonder what makes some situations aggressive while others are seemingly friendly.

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  8. We had a ghost cat in a previous house. There would be a cat in the room, sleeping on a shelf or would brush against our legs while we watched tv, but then you’d notice our was in the garden, and the other one would be gone.

    When I was born an old lady would visit and watch over me. Everyone saw her, except me, though I probably did see her, but don’t remember.

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