“A cloud can be anything it wants especially when you’re the one to have brought it into being.” He says. “A darkening of internal produces the cloud to become filled with rain.” And the rain lands on his head after having thought about its creation. “See?” He says as he shows you his palms. ‘I see that the cloud was a storm cloud and it let lose what mother natures describes as natural. That is what I see.’ “Watch again. I’ll make the cloud disappear in sections. First I’ll trim the sides of the clouds, you’ll see, then I’ll eliminated the moisture and soon after the rain will dissipate and you’ll tell me it wasn’t me, but it is, and then I’ll deliberately remove the cloud completely from the sky.” Eyes drop to graze upon the reality of a few rocks, or even a dusty boot. Anything but this.

8 thoughts on “poem

  1. Sir, A poem I was searching for.
    I wrote a same poem today describing the relationship of cloud and water on my blog. I hope you will look at it to. ☺


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