Failing at Writing With Confidence

A few nights ago I attempted to write a song for a local band. I failed. Even while writing it, I knew it was no good. The moments leading up to the attempt were good. The passion, the piercing thoughts, but the writing of the thoughts didn’t produce quality. There was nothing in the song that felt alive.

I text my friend, the vocalist in his band, and told him I had tried and failed. I laughed and even enjoyed the feeling of the failure. I’ve never been afraid to fail. To not try at all would be the true failure. I’ll try again. I have confidence I can write a song. Even while writing poorly I had confidence that I could do better. That’s the thing about life. To know something that nobody else knows and to understand it completely and to finally make it be what you knew it could be. I’ve never written a song before. I still haven’t. But, I will.

I hope your day treats you well,


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13 thoughts on “Failing at Writing With Confidence

  1. That is wonderful you were able to laugh at your own failure! I am not able to do that, yet. I feel like I fail daily as a writer. And definitely can’t laugh about it, yet! So, good for you!


    • It was so bad I had to laugh. He’s played in NYC, NJ, MA, CA, RI, ME. Etc.. I was embarrassed at my attempt. That’s nothing compared to my childhood. So, I got this and I think you do too. Cheers!

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  2. I think you’ve shared something very real here that many of us can relate to. The fact that you are willing to get back up and go again means everything though.


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