Poetry Contest.

I’ve submitted content into a poetry contest via Storymirror. I know very little about Storymirror, or how their contests function.

Do any of you have any information about this publisher that you can share?

One of my poems can be read via the link below:


Thanks everyone,



11 thoughts on “Poetry Contest.

  1. Matt, I am on my iPhone so I do not know if you will get this message. The poem is great. I do not know anything about them. Via iPhone is not clear what I have to do. Rate the content of the poem?


  2. Matt, I agree. Something feels weird. I logged in with my email to vote. I did. It does not seem that my vote registered. I’ll do it again. At this point they have my email anyway.
    You and I know that some editors and publishers scan some people’s social media and ask for already published pieces they like or ask for submissions. It happened to you. It happened to me too.

    However, asking somebody who does not write poetry (re Robyn’s comment) to participate in a poetry contest it’s a stretch. I do not know what to say other than “Something doesn’t feel right.” And their site looks weird.
    Anyway, your poem is there. Let’s wait and see.
    I am going to vote again right now.

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