Poem – why the shame

Lately, when I write,
I feel guilt sitting next to me.
It’s frustrating.
Writing is often very easy for me,
and oddly enough I feel
a sense of shame that it is.
Maybe by writing this,
instead of ignoring it,
the guilt will leave.

-M. Taggart
I think it’s already helping. Thinking of people close to me being jealous of my recent writing achievements has had a negative affect. Writing the above helped me to pin-point where the shame and feelings of guilt originated from.

9 thoughts on “Poem – why the shame

  1. Don’t care about people judgement especially who are close to you. Listen but don’t let them prevent you from writing. None of my relatives know that I’m writing and it’s better for me because they see me as I was so try to recommend me not to write.

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  2. Jealousy is ugly especially from those close. But also realize—it’s them with the jealousy issue! Not you. You’re doing your thing and doing it well! It is good to write out the feelings though—glad you’re already feeling better. Keep writing! 🙂

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  3. On the bright side, feeling guilt and shame means you’re probably not a sociopath 😈
    And on the other bright side, jealousy probably just means you’re doing really well 🙂


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