Short Story Published (Horror)

My short story, “Only. Just. Here.” has been published.

I had a blast writing this. I was creeping myself out while listening to noises in a home I didn’t know, while writing the story.Ā  (Link to the book )

The setting: Moosehead Lake, Maine. A couple purchased a home that is nestled into the mountainside overlooking the large lake. Things aren’t as they seem as the story quickens pace and takes the reader on a spine tingling adventure.

I hope you purchase and enjoy the book. The link to purchase is below.

America's Emerging Horror Writers: East Region

Cheers everyone!


P,S,. Megan and I had just moved into our new house and I had two days to write, edit, and complete a horror story to submit to the publisher. I told the construction crews to stay away from the house on Thursday, and Friday leading to the deadline. I locked myself into my new office and wrote the story.

34 thoughts on “Short Story Published (Horror)

  1. Congratulations ! I wish you all the best. Additionally, i like “z publishing house” page, and the wonderful way they showcase the book. Not expensive either. I’ll buy, dear.

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      • I will. I always read the books I buy. And I always check the whole package: the cover and the content, the way the publishing “houses” showcase the book, the buying procedure, everything. I’m pretty sure i’ll enjoy your book, because i like your writing style. Take care.


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