A tic of nonsense

There was a tick hanging on the outside of my window while driving today. Yes, we were in the woods. But, I didn’t expect to see a traveling tick. Now as we drive, there was this tick. Stuck. On my window. I reached 55 MPH on the dirt road and the tick hung on. The wind didn’t budge it. The damn thing adjusted itself and traversed a few inches while I increased my speed. I tried to ignore the tick. I rolled the window down and immediately rolled it back up. That tick was obnoxiously righteous with its ability to be stuck to my window. The window was mine, but not to the tick.

I pulled over. Jumped out of my truck and the tick was gone. Was it on me now? Was this even fair? How has this tick out done my instincts to stop the vehicle and remove its nonsense from our afternoon? Only to remove itself completely from the side of the truck and play this game even further? Was it on my hat? Did it somehow get into the truck? Was it near Megan, crawling along the fabric of the seats, longing for blood of the unaware?

It was none of that. I found the tick near the door handle and I flicked it off.


Cheers! Have a kick ass day everyone!


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