Poem – What’s late

Have you ever sat on the shower floor
with eyes squinted, yet watching intently
the random gaps in water as it surrounds
your feet and runs toward, and then down
the drain? Knowing you have work to do,
but soaking in the freedom of thought while
the water pours down onto the back of your
neck; you push further and now you are late.
You no longer care. The moment with your
thoughts under the shower watching the
flowing water around your body outweighs
the friction you may cause for being late;
the moment is yours, along with your musings,
and most of all, your life is your own.

-M. Taggart

11 thoughts on “Poem – What’s late

  1. I have done that. It is nice to slow myself, my mind actually, to the pace of the falling drops of water. I have even done this in rain storms. It amazes me how freeing it is for those few minutes.

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