I’m a terrible comment maker

Howdy! I’m awful at finding time to comment on your blog. Pretty much for all of you. I suck. I know that I do, so at least there is that.

A few days ago I was shoveling our driveway. The storm was an ice/sleet/snow mix. It was eight degrees outside and I needed to get the driveway cleared before it was too late. For my snowy friends out there, you know what happens when it’s too late. Having a driveway of solid ice isn’t exactly what I want. However, I stopped to read a blog post written by a writer who was wondering why more people weren’t commented on their posts.

I really wanted to comment, but I was literally outside shoveling. It was terribly cold and windy. Yet, I did read your post. And you write well and Please don’t think that you don’t. I wonder if it’s like this for a lot of us. I have so little time to comment, that I find I don’t. I won’t sit here and make a profound statement proclaiming to become a frequent comment creator, because that would be a lie. I like honesty. I’ll do the best I can. I read as many posts as I can. Even in snow storms while my nose is dripping and my hands are shaking. I like to read. Hence my little saying, Read on. It’s good for the brain.

I’m thankful I didn’t write, “Comment on. It’s good for the brain.” My brain would have shriveled and turned off.

For those of you who are gifted at commented, I cherish you. I have seen many of you. I don’t have that gift.

Cheers everyone.


50 thoughts on “I’m a terrible comment maker

  1. It’s something I’ve struggled with myself. My presence here is limited and I also try to keep myself slightly detached for my own personal reasons. But I truly want to read and leave something for others and so there are days I make that my primary focus.
    Life is so full, or can be and I’m never going to miss living it. But I appreciate others time for me so I will attempt to do the best I personally can by them. And I’m never ever perfect.
    Maybe your post here is the perfect comment for everyone, we can all take it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Ditto! Also if something connects with me in a deeply personal way (usually written) that connection most often will be found in a shared experience of pain or difficulty. Having that common history is between me and the writer (even if they don’t know that because I hit the Like button instead of comment) and not anyone else who might anonymously view any posted comments.

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  3. I totally feel the same way! I’m doing my schoolwork in between the time that I’m on here do sometimes I feel like I don’t have sufficient time to comment properly. Like now, I have so much more to say on this subject but I have to do my math. Great post! #relatablesubject

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