Poem – Do you watch too

When I watch my thoughts
they come out crooked.
They crawl on my forehead
and on my back.
I don’t like all of them.
I flick some off like flees.
But, being much like flees, some jump
and I miss. They land on my feet.
I feel them crack and split as I walk.

-M. Taggart


I don’t want to focus this morning.
Instead I’m staring blankly out the window,
watching the sleet slam into wherever the wind thrusts it.
I like this feeling. My coffee is no longer warm; not cold either.
My eyes are open without effort. I’m not filing
anything away for later use.
I’m just here. Sitting. Watching the storm.
Continuing to be exactly as I am.

-M. Taggart

Thanks for being with me.

Odd Walking Thoughts – To Be

No one has the right to tell another how to feel.
No one has the right to tell you how to be.
Say this.
Don’t be that.

Walk into a corn field and tell the stalk how tall to grow. Watch as the crows mock the words. We weren’t put here to be slaves to any mind other than our own. And anyone who’s approaching you as otherwise is a falsehood. Tell them that. And watch their limitations explode as you walk through their fragmented mental dust.

-M. Taggart