Turkey Day

I woke up this morning. I’m enjoying that.
It’s single digits outside with plenty of snow on the ground.
Maine is in full-blown winter this Thanksgiving and my wife
and I plan on taking advantage of the snow covered views. We’ll bundle
Gavin in layers, top him off with his one-eyed monster hat, and
drive into the mountains. We’ll look deep into the forest and look for
Yeti, or possibly listen for Pteranodons following us from above. Gavin
will alert us if T-Rex is chasing the truck, somehow though, we’ll all escape
and continue on while letting our itching imaginations swell until the
next chapter. And eventually we’ll drive home and smile our way into the afternoon.
There will be a meal and I’ll certainly be giving thanks, as I do, as often as I can. It wasn’t
long ago when I spent Holidays alone talking with my four walls. There wasn’t a one-eyed monster hat to place on top of a blue-eyed boy. There wasn’t the incredibly beautiful, warm-hearted, intelligent and strong woman that I stand with now.
Somehow I keep waking up and they’re still there.

Happy Thanksgiving


11 thoughts on “Turkey Day

  1. The adventure you have with Gavin are priceless gems for later on when peace and solitude are necessary…..reflectionscan take the edge off…..hope everything is 👍 good
    From mine to yours Matt…..Sheldon


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