book signing, question mark..

I was asked to do a book signing
in Kittery, Maine and in New Hampshire
near the lake region.

Now I’m sitting here smashing a beer
wondering what the hell I’m going to do.
I felt pure embarrassment when asked
to do something I’ve prayed for.
She even helped me with that-
to not feel embarrassed.
It was her book store and her idea.

It’s just one very short story.
Is THAT worth a book signing?
I’m nobody, who are you?
Thank you Emily, you are brilliant.
I’m a man who takes care of our son
every day, picks up toys, gets on
hands and knees to wash around
the toilet, and then finds cat vomit
in the cat dish. Wasn’t that nice of him.

I work during Gavin’s nap and I work
at night, to catch up on the work I couldn’t do
while I was cleaning, or picking up toys.
My days of flying around this country
Branding financial institutions are over.

Or, are they? I left that behind by choice.
Maybe I ought to do this. Sit in a book store
and talk with people who love to read and write.

Maybe I will.
Maybe I’ll bring whiskey.

-M. Taggart


13 thoughts on “book signing, question mark..

  1. Forget the whiskey… but just do it! I’m sure the first time will be the hardest but you’ve got to start sometime (she says knowing she’ll never have to worry about having to do the exact same thing).


  2. Oh how LOVELY. Yay. DO it. In lufe, DO what you can, because the chance may never come again. Take it from one who knows. You mught regret it if you don’t do it. But what. Beautiful tribute to Emily. The WHOLE of this is just beautiful.


  3. DO IT! TAKE THE PLUNGE! i’ve had a similar experience except I was in a seminar, it was the first time I spoke in front of people I was nervous at the begining and I enterned with trepidation ,I came out of it relived it was over but at the same time an experince knowing I could do it again .


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