yesss yes yes!!!!! Thank you WordPress!!!!!!

A short story of mine has been picked up by a publisher!!!!!!!! They found me via this blog.  I am so happy. I am So fucking thrilled!!!!!! Don’t think for one second that writing on this amazing platform goes unnoticed!!

They invited me to submit. It’s been months and I’ve been pulling my brain cells out not knowing and finally I just received the acceptance letter!

Fuck yes!!!! This literally wouldn’t be happening if it wasn’t for this blog. There are a number of you that can and will be picked up. I’ve read your talent. Just keep writing. Don’t doubt what you know about yourself.



56 thoughts on “Yesss!!!!!

  1. Holy crap! I was just wondering the other day about you taking this blog seriously because if I remember correctly, you had posted about it not too long ago. Congrats on attracting the positive energies! Woot woot!


    • It’s great you remember that. I wrote that (taking is seriously) while I was waiting to learn if one of the pieces would be selected. It was nice being invited to submit to them but they were very upfront in stating that it didn’t mean the submission would be accepted.

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