Cheers the Morning

Some mornings are better than others.
Hell, some are so good that I think it’s
important to cheers the morning and to
tell it it’s one of the best you’ve ever had.
That way it might just want to come back again
and again and again.
Mornings are funny like that.
Especially when you control them.

-M. Taggart


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9 thoughts on “Cheers the Morning

  1. My morning didn’t go well today. I woke up late for work, I rushed and spent too much for the taxi, but, still, the positive thing is, I am still alive and I am grateful. 🙂


  2. Grateful comes in waves……not always a knee jerk reaction……
    Grateful came in time and when I turned over fell out of bed stood and saw …and I liked what I had seen


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